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How the Cost of a New Roof is Calculated in Florida

An Estimating and Insurance Specialist from Trinity Roofing will look at these 4 things:
Pitch – How steep is the roof? As the pitch increases, safety becomes a factor and the difficulty to apply the roof.
Size – The size is a direct factor. The larger the roof, the more materials and time needed to complete the work.
Materials –What type of materials do you want? Do you want tile, metal, shingle, slate or a combination? What type of metal? The kind that looks like tile? Do you want skylights or sun tunnels?
Labor – This is the biggest factor after materials. While everyone can get the materials for the same price, the labor is the biggest influence regarding price. The quality of the work increases the price or decreases it. The higher the quality work, the longer the warranty they can offer you from the manufacturer based on the rating of their labor, then the higher the price. Smaller companies who have been in business for a short period of time, despite their “years of experience” are often lower rated by the manufacturers. The average Florida roofing company is in business for only 2 years, and they will most like be out of business when you need them. This also applied to Home Depot or Lowes, because they subcontract all their work to smaller, newer roofing companies.
Contact a Trinity Roofing Estimating Specialist and they can help you find the right roof to meet your needs and fit a budget.

Can I Get Financing for my New Roof?

Trinity Roofing is one of the only places you can get financing options for your new roof and for any other home improvement that we offer. We will help you with the application process and have a dedicated financing specialist who can help you navigate any questions or concerns you have about financing. call our 1 866 585 9063  to talk about financing your next home improvement or talk with your estimator. You can also check out our roofing and home improvement financing options including for homeowners with low credit scores by clicking here!

Does Homeowner Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Your insurance company will pay for the cost of your new roof replacement for hail, wind, weather damage or an Act of God.
Your homeowners insurance will not cover normal wear and tear most often due to age or woodwork which is also considered as normal wear and tear. They will replace the same roofing system, but if you want to upgrade your roofing system to a stronger or premium product these start as low as $400.
Our estimators are insurance specialists with extensive training, and can handle everything directly with your insurance company for you. This takes a lot of hassle out for you, and your Trinity Roofing estimator can expedite the process for you after we receive a signed copy from you for the assignment of benefits.
Your insurance often prefers to work with Trinity Roofing because our estimators are trained in their specific processes, and they know we are the highest certified Florida roofer that they know we can be trusted to do a superior job putting on your new roof.