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People love the summer months because the sun is shining, and the warm weather lasts all day long. However, for people who are working outside all day, the sun presents a dangerous risk. As the heat index rises above 103 degrees, there is an increased risk of developing a heat-related illness, especially for those doing manual labor. That is why it’s critical to learn how to protect yourself and your workers from these conditions. Trinity Roofing has some helpful tips that you can follow to ensure that everyone on your job site is safe no matter what the weather conditions are!


  • Increase rest periods for all of your workers and determine a suitable work/rest schedule for all of the employees.
  • Remind workers to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Ideally every fifteen to twenty minutes stopping for a water break. 
  • Reduce their strenuous workload and work tasks during the days where the heat index reaches 103 degrees or higher. 
  • Warn workers each day of the heat index and teach them the precautions they should be taking to reduce their risk of a heat-related illness.
  • Review heat-related illness symptoms at the beginning of each day and make sure that all of the workers understand the protocol if they begin feeling sick or if someone around them does. They should be aware of what steps to follow if someone has signs of a heat-related illness, who to call for medical help and be able to provide clear directions to their location. 
  • Provide water coolers in convenient locations, so all workers have access to clean and cold drinking water throughout the day. 
  • Encourage your workers to drink small amounts of water often. It is essential that they drink water before they become thirsty. If they begin feeling thirsty, they may already be becoming dehydrated. It’s recommended that workers drink about four cups of water every hour while the heat index is 103 degrees and above. This amount will increase if there are workers who are required to work in the direct sunlight. 
  • Make sure that there are appropriate medical services available within a short distance from your job site if there is no emergency room, walk-in clinic, or hospital within a five-minute drive from your site than it is your responsibility to have adequately trained medical professionals and supplies on-site in case of an emergency. The trained person should have a valid certificate in first aid from the American Red Cross.
  • Be sure to respond to a heat-related illness right away. If there are any workers who begin displaying signs and symptoms of a heat-related illness, they need immediate attention. It is much easier to treat mild symptoms such as headache and weakness early on by giving the worker water and allowing them to rest in a shaded area. Doing this can also prevent a more serious medical condition from developing. If your worker loses consciousness or appears to be confused or disoriented in any way call 911 immediately, these are the symptoms of heatstroke, which can be fatal if it is not treated fast enough.


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